Dear Paradigmer,

We’ve created this section on our website to keep you updated on what COVID-19 and the measures being taken by the Dutch government to combat COVID-19 mean for the upcoming Paradigm events.

We will also keep informed of any developments via Facebook and Instagram.

Stay safe and act responsibly.

Health Notice: Get the latest information so you can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

March 25, 13:41

Dear Planet Paradigm visitor,

In these troubling times with the rapidly spreading virus all around planet Earth, we sadly have to inform you that Planet Paradigm can’t take place on the 23rd of May this year. We write you with a heavy heart, since we’ve been working very hard to get you the best Planet Paradigm experience you’ve come to know. However, our responsibility as event organizers reaches beyond the scope of our immediate environment and we have to think about the bigger picture.

We’re now brainstorming for the best solution on how to move forward with everyone involved. Therefore, we’re asking you kindly to bear with us. Planet Paradigm is a unique assemblage of music enthusiasts, we have to do right by it. We need some time to think this through, as we owe it to you all and ourselves.

Whilst we give shape to the solution, we implore you to stay safe, stay positive and look after one another. And don’t you worry, Planet Paradigm will be back to embrace all of you when the time comes. Soon more on this..

Much love,

VBX and Paradigm

March 24, 21:01

Dear Paradigmers,
Seeing as the corona virus isn’t letting up any time soon, it’s with a heavy heart that we’ve decided to cancel our PRDGM WKNDR. We have to take responsibility when it comes to the safety of our events and visitors, and follow the measures taken by the Dutch government.

However, this doesn’t mean that our WKNDR isn’t going to happen at all. We’re currently looking to pick a later date for the events. We’ll give you an update as soon as we know more. And no worries, all of your tickets for Suvernuver, Convoi Exceptionnel and Sunday Afternoon Collective will stay valid going forward. If possible, we want to ask you to refrain from getting a refund. You’d support us immensely during these trying times.

Stay positive, stay safe and stay at home as much as you can! Look after one another and we’ll see each other again in the not-so-distant future.

Much love,

March 24, 16:42

Dear Paradigmers,

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we have some news to share with you all. We’ve been keeping a close watch on all of the measures the Dutch authorities and the RIVM are enforcing. Because of this, we sadly inform you that APOE King’s Night will not be taking place as scheduled on April 26th 2020. Though we made this decision with a heavy heart, we have to act responsibly and follow the safety instructions from our government.

For everyone who’s bought a ticket already, don’t worry: your tickets are going to be valid for next year’s edition. If possible, we want to ask you to refrain from getting a refund. You’d support us immensely during these trying times.

In the meantime, stay positive, stay safe and stay at home as much as you can. We’ll see each other again after we’ve put this crisis behind us.

Much love,

March 18, 12:46

Dear Paradigmers,

First of all, we hope you and your loved ones are doing well. We’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes to take care of everything and everyone involved with Paradigm. You guys are the life of our parties, the people we do this for. We have have looked over possible dates we can move Paradigm: Backyard Festival to. This has not been easy, due to the fact that a lot of people are involved, those people are involved with other people (and so on), and they are in the same situation as we are at the moment.

However, despite these trying times we come to you with some good news! We have a new date for the Backyard Festival: September 26! We ask you to support both us as well as the Backyard Festival, and to refrain from asking a refund if possible. Purchased tickets will be valid on the new date and we vow to give you everything Paradigm is known to offer this September.

Let’s keep each other safe and help each other out in these trying times. No one’s ever encountered this in our life time. However, we believe a crisis brings out the best in us, so do what’s right and let’s support one another.

Much love,

The entire Paradigm family

March 14, 19:43

Dear Paradigm family,

As we announced earlier, Paradigm: Backyard Festival cannot take place on March 28, due to the tighter measures being taken by the Dutch government to combat COVID-19. We will work hard to find a suitable solution in the coming days.

We are just as disappointed as you are, because getting together, enjoying music and dancing with you, is what we live for.

Our thoughts are with all of you, our colleagues, partners and everyone else who’s affected by the consequences of this pandemic.

In the meantime, take care, be smart, stay healthy and enjoy the warm vibes from the livestream of our good friend and all-around humble guy Benny Rodrigues!

We’ll get through this together.

Much love,

The Paradigm Crew.